Concrete Porch/Patio Repair

Enjoying your backyard patio in the spring and summer for cook outs is a joy for families in the Midwest. Many of your outdoor dinners are held on the patio right outside the back door. If your patio is made of concrete, gearing up for BBQ season should include an inspection of your patio and concrete porch.

We can repair your sinking concrete porch

Most concrete patios and steps are close to the house. Investigate the bottom of the step and make sure that the gap between the step and the patio in no more than ¼”. Steps built to current code should not exceed 7 ¾ “in height. Your steps can be smaller but not higher than 7 3/4″.

Look to make sure that your porch is not sinking or uneven. Uneven slabs in your patio of 3-4” can be hard for a small child to navigate and may pose a tripping hazard to family members and guests.

Did someone say your Concrete Porch repair is too small? Nonsense! Call us!

Also, a patio that is sinking toward the house poses a threat to your foundation as water from We are experts at concrete patio repair for patios that are sinking. Your concrete was poured on ground that has had the moisture removed and it is now sinking. Traditional mud jacking cannot repair the concrete patio the way polyurethane mud jacking can. Call Concrete Raising Systems 7318 N Donnelly Ave. Kansas City,MO 64158 to repair your concrete patio once and for all!rain or melting snow may seep into the gap between the patio or porch and the house, which could compromise the foundation of your home in that area, increasing the likelihood of your foundation developing cracks, a wet basement or bowed basement walls. All these problems add additional costs to fixing the root of the problem- your uneven patio. Like just about everything, the longer you wait to repair a problem, the more time and expense it will take to correct it. Our foam expands and finds all the empty spaces beneath your concrete slab, filling the voids and lifting the concrete. Our advise: don’t wait till it gets worse.

Fix your sinking patio before it causes expensive damage

Avoid the additional damage that a sinking patio can cause to your foundation and basement walls and have it raised.

Contact or contact Jason and Ken at Concrete Raising Systems today at (816) 419-8306 and we can raise your patio so you can enjoy it for years to come.