City Sidewalk Repair

We Can Help Make the City Sidewalks Safe for Everyone in Kansas City

You may not even know this but the sidewalk in front of your home and it’s upkeep and safety is your responsibility. If the sidewalk in front of your home is cracked and the concrete slabs are uneven, you need to comply with the ADA and fix the sidewalk.  The ADA- Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990  requires that all public sidewalks with more than ¼’ difference If the slabs on your sidewalk are uneven and looking bad, call the sidewalk repair specialists at Concrete Raising Systems 7318 N Donnelly Ave. Kansas City,MO 64158 to repair your sidewalk by leveling and fixing your elevation are not in compliance with safety standards and may be subject to fines and penalties. Any sidewalk or driveway on city properties including parks, school grounds, streets and common city areas, including municipal buildings; is the responsibility of the city and the city may be accountable and responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of these public use facilities.

Call the City if the sidewalk at the Park needs Repair

Our Kansas City sidewalk repair technique uses foam which requires smaller holes, less holes, less mess and less equipment on your Kansas City lawn. In fact, no equipment on your lawn. Call Concrete Raising Systems 7318 N Donnelly Ave. Kansas City,MO 64158 for a quote on your sidewalk repair!

We work with city governments to raise the city sidewalks using state-of-the-art, eco-friendly U.S. made polyurethane in a matter of hours, not days. Our Concrete Raising System can cost less than traditional mud jacking, does not require heavy equipment and is less invasive than traditional mud jacking options. The grass and landscaping in and around city sidewalks will not need to be replaced or reseeded as a result of our Concrete Raising System! Our work is guaranteed for 2 years. If the sidewalk is older than 10 years and becomes uneven by more than 1/4″, we will re-raise it for free.

We all have an interest in keeping our sidewalks safe. Take a minute to see if the sidewalk in front of your home is safe for kids, strollers and everyone! A person out for a healthy walk to get some exercise should not have to worry about tripping over an uneven sidewalk in front of your home. Your sidewalk should be safe for kids at Halloween. If your inspection finds an uneven concrete sidewalk slab, call us.

Contact or call us today (816) 419-8306 and we can make sure that the city sidewalk in front of your home complies with the American’s with Disabilities Act. We all deserve the right to use the public sidewalks safely.