Void Filling

Fix that Unsightly Void Before it Gets Worse!

The space between a slab of concrete and the ground is called a ‘void’. A void typically occurs next to a sidewalk or walkway leading up to a home. A void can also occur under a concrete patio, porch or driveway. You will sometimes notice a void when you walk on the concrete and you can feel it give under your feet. More obvious signs of a void can be seen. Concrete Raising Systems can fix this problem by drilling small 5/8” holes in the concrete and injecting our polyurethane foam into the void to strengthen the concrete and prevent it from cracking and breaking. Polyurethane is also added to the sides of the concrete slab.

<img scr=” driveway-void-concrete-raising-system.jpg” alt=”Picture of a void beside a driveway, Kansas City, MO, Concrete Raising Systems”>

Void-Filling-Concrete-repairWe then recommend adding dirt or landscaping next to and on top of the exposed void filling. UV rays from sunlight can damage the integrity of the polyurethane fill over time. All of our Void Filling jobs will include an estimate to fill in the dirt to protect your polyurethane fill.

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Before you buy a home, make sure you brush away the mulch from your sidewalk to see if any voids exist. It is easy for sellers to hide (unintentional or intentionally) a void by adding mulch around the sidewalk to cover it. Finding out you bought a home that has a void can add expense to your move in process and be a disappointment in an otherwise, happy occasion.

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