When it comes to raising concrete slabs with foam, you won’t find any company with more experience and a professional work ethic than Concrete Raising Systems. It is winter, and the ground is frozen until late February or early March. Which means, foam can’t be used to lift a concrete slab outside, but it can be used to lift concrete slabs in the garage or basement. The 2-part polyurethane foam process is sensitive to cold temperatures outside. In fact, our experience has taught us how much of part one and part two to use to raise and level a concrete slab with foam.

Experience Raising Concrete Slabs with Foam

Concrete Raising Systems has been in the foam jacking business for over five years now. How do you know if the company you are calling is working part-time or just getting into the business? Someone explaining how to do foam jacking is not a good way to learn how to do it. Learning by doing is the best teacher. In the beginning years, Concrete Raising Systems was shooting foam into hundreds of boxes to see how it would be affected by temperatures and humidity. There are too many variables using foam to lift concrete for someone new to the business to learn it from a manual or a weekend training.

Experts in Foam JackingRaising Concrete slabs with foam takes years of experience. The owners of Concrete Raising Systems can raise your concrete slabs right the first time.

Their experience with foam and building houses over the years put them in an excellent position to give customers a proper quote. They can tell from the shape of a driveway where the challenges will be. They use skills and experience to lift your concrete right the first time. If your concrete sinks again (which it more than likely will not), they will be in business to back up their work.

What does your sinking concrete cost you?

Hire a part time company without experience, and you may have to pay someone to lift your concrete again, and that will cost you. If you don’t get your driveway fixed and you have to accelerate to get into the garage and brake fast and hard to stop, you put more wear and tear on the car and it could cost you more in maintenance. If you don’t get your sidewalk fixed, it could cost you a potential liability claim. If you are trying to sell your house and you don’t get your sinking concrete fixed, potential buyers will deduct the cost of fixing it, and that could cost you.

Concrete Raising Systems has years of experience with foam jacking. They own the company and do the work, so it will be done right and will be quoted correctly. If you want ‘experience’ when raising your concrete slab with foam, contact Ken and Jason for a quote.