Concrete Leveling

Concrete Repair with Foam is better for Concrete Leveling in Kansas City!

If your concrete is so damaged that you need to replace it, take the time to make sure. You could save yourself thousands of dollars instead of replacing your concrete (especially if it is a driveway). Using foam leveling, we can repair any concrete slab that has settled or is not even with the slabs around it. And if your concrete is too damaged to lift, we’ll also let you know.  The best choice is concrete leveling with foam to raise concrete slabs in driveways, sidewalks, patios, garage floors, and porches back into place. We work with customers all over the metro Kansas City area.

We work with:

  • homeowners
  • real estate agents
  • building owners
  • property managers
  • home builders
  • homeowners associations

Call for a quote for concrete driveways, sidewalks, patios, pool decks, garage floors, or sunken porches. The height difference between a sidewalk and a step, a driveway, a garage, or a patio and your house is ¼” or more. Consider having your concrete raised with Concrete Raising Systems. Over time gaps in concrete slabs can create more damage, and erosion will occur under the concrete. If the driveway needs to be raised next to a garage, we recommend taking action before the foundation is affected. Repairing a foundation can be expensive!

Thirty percent of the concrete repair jobs we do are to lift a concrete driveway or sidewalk back into place again after traditional mud jacking has failed.

Small jobs are fine with us for Concrete Leveling Kansas City!Concrete Leveling steps by Concrete Raising Systems, Kansas City, MO.

We lift concrete using a recycled, U.S.-made product called ‘polyurethane’ to fill the spaces under your concrete that have caused your sidewalk or driveway to sink. Many call it mudjacking foam. Traditional mud jacking combines soil, water, and cement as fillers. This thicker application does not find its way into the many pockets, voids, and spaces under the concrete that has caused it to sink.

When the water from a traditional mud jacking application method dries out and evaporates, there is a chance that the water will again evaporate from the fill, leaving your cement slab prone to sinking again. Thirty percent of the concrete repair jobs are to lift a concrete driveway or sidewalk back into place again after traditional mud jacking has failed. Evaporation also occurs from the general weather in a region. Kansas City has seen its’ share of dry, contracted dirt these last few years.

Concrete Repair with Expanding Foam

The product we use for concrete lifting is a 2-part foam process that expands, much like shaving cream in a closed fist, finding every void available to raise your concrete and secure its elevation. Polyurethane foam can flow up to 7 feet under a concrete slab.

When getting bids for your concrete leveling project, contact or call us at Concrete Raising Systems at (816) 419-8306! We are very competitive with traditional mud-jacking companies in Kansas City and you won’t have to lift it again!

Pro Tip: When evaluating foam companies, make sure they use foam specifically made for concrete lifting and not insulating foam!

We work with homeowners, apartment building owners, and Home Owners’ Associations to fix sinking concrete with foam jacking using a high-tech, eco-friendly concrete repair product called Polyurethane. art of the foam jacking process is made from recycled materials. This foam will fill, raise, and support the concrete that has settled or sunken in less time using a non-invasive method using smaller holes, less mess, and no tire marks on your lawn. No reseeding is needed when our work is done!

The owners do the concrete repair work! They respond to your calls, show up when they say they’ll be there, and complete the promised work. No deposit is required upfront for any concrete repair work.

If you are committed to buying locally in Kansas City, call us at (816) 419-8306. We provide competitive bids for concrete lifting using state-of-the-art polyurethane materials in less time, with less mess and fewer holes.

Foam is all we work with for Concrete Leveling in Kansas City. Fix it with us, and you lift it once!