Void Filling

Fix the Void under the Concrete

The space between a slab of concrete and the ground is called a ‘void’. A void typically occurs next to a sidewalk or walkway leading up to a home. A void can also occur under a concrete patio, a void under concrete driveway is pictured that Concrete Raising Systems, Kansas City fixed!porch or driveway. You will sometimes notice the void when you walk on the concrete, and you can feel it give under your feet. The obvious signs of a void can be seen. Concrete Raising Systems Kansas City can fix this problem by drilling small 5/8” holes in the concrete and injecting our polyurethane foam into the void to strengthen the concrete and prevent it from cracking and breaking. Polyurethane is added to the sides of the concrete slab.

Voids under concrete sidewalks can develop cracks like driveways. Avoid cracks and fill the void!

We then recommend adding dirt or landscaping next to and on top of the exposed void filling. UV rays from sunlight can damage the integrity of the polyurethane fill over time.

We treat every job the same way-  important. And no concrete repair job is too small! Kansas City calls us to repair voids under concrete!

Void Filling before and after results when Concrete Raising Systems, Kansas City repairs the void on your sidewalk.Before buying a home, brush away the mulch from your sidewalk to see if any voids exist. It is easy for sellers to hide (unintentionally or intentionally) the void by adding mulch around the sidewalk to cover it. Finding out you bought a home that had a void can add expense to your move-in process and be a disappointment on an otherwise happy occasion.

We cannot only fill your void but also lift and repair sidewalks, driveways, garage floors, pool decks, and patios. The longer you wait to fix the issue, the more expensive it may be to fix it. Wait too long, and you may have to replace your concrete altogether, and that will certainly be more expensive than having us raise and repair it!

How do we fill a void under concrete?

A void under your concrete should be a concern to a homeowner who has one. A visible void on the side of your sidewalk or driveway may be hiding “something” in the void.Giant spiders in void under concrete

Our owners were preparing to inject their polyurethane form into a driveway by the garage, and several gigantic 2″ spiders emerged from the holes.

Voids under the concrete can also be a home for feral cats, snakes, bugs, skunks, groundhogs, foxes, ground squirrels, bees, and yellow jackets.

These animals can produce smells and endanger other family pets or small children. When a void exists, the concrete is suspended. This can weaken the structure. It may also be harmful to the health and safety of anyone travelling on the pavement.

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