Concrete Raising

Why Raise and Level your Concrete?

A concrete slab that has sunken may lead to foundation leaks and a wet basement over time. Especially if the driveway has sunken by a garage. Water follows the path of least resistance. A settled or sunken driveway may end up costing a homeowner more money over time in foundation repairs. Your home is made up of systems both inside and out. When your drainage system does not flow properly, it can compromise the structures where the water tends to drain.

What do cracks in the concrete mean?

Cracks in concrete open the door for more water to flow underneath your concrete. Cracks are found in driveways, sidewalks, porches, patios, garage floors and pool decks. Erosion of dirt and clay in Missouri and Kansas has seen unprecedented settling in the last five years. This settling may have compacted the dirt beneath your driveway or sidewalk, which has created a void or a bridge. As the earth has settled and moved,  a bridge is formed and the concrete slabs begin to sink.

Contact or call us today at (816) 419-8306 for an estimate to have your concrete repaired with Poly Jacking!  When sinking or settling occurs, a driveway or concrete slab may still be in excellent condition and may not need to be replaced but simply raised. Concrete Raising Systems can raise your concrete in a matter of hours, with our Poly Jacking. We level your concrete by raising your slab with polyurethane foam filling in the spaces the settling earth has created and raises the slab to its rightful place.

Poly Jacking is a Better Solution for Concrete Raising and Repair

Many of the concrete raising jobs we do were previously done with traditional mud jacking methods. That does not mean that the mud jacking company did not do their job. It means the process is not impervious to sinking itself. Mudjacking can be more affected by weather in Kansas City than poly jacking.  Poly jacking foam is a better solution to your earth settling problems because foam can reach and fill the spaces that traditional dirt, water, and cement fillers cannot. When the moisture from traditional mud jacking methods evaporates over time (which it does) more settling can take place and more sinking is the result.

Our Concrete Raising Guarantee

We offer a two-year guarantee on all our poly jacking concrete repair work. If your sidewalk or driveway (or any concrete slab that we raise is over 10 years old) sinks over ¼’within two years, we will come back and raise it again for free. That is our promise to you.

All we offer is foam concrete repair. We don’t offer ‘traditional’ mud jacking. Since we only do one thing, we do it better than anyone else in Kansas City. If you only did one thing all day long, you’d be pretty good at it as well. Don’t you think? Our customers think so too. 

We don’t do

As previous home builders we do know about the systems that operate in and around the structure of a house. But, some folks are a little confused about what constitutes the areas of a home that we can repair. We want to be clear that we don’t fix a leaky roof, a leaky basement, a water heater or pooling water in the dirt. We also do not redirect your downspouts or seal the leaks in your basement. We raise concrete in and around these systems but we do not repair these systems. If you have questions about this, please let us know. 

Q & A

I prefer to use local businesses. How long have you been in Kansas City?

The owners of Concrete Raising Systems have been doing business in Kansas City for over 35 years. We live in Kansas City and our kids went to school here. We built our industry reputation by keeping our word. We know we are part of a small business community that relies on making sure our customers get the products and services they know that can count on.

I’ve been told I need to have my sunken concrete replaced. Can you still help me?

Replacing your sunken driveway or sidewalk may not solve the problem. When you replace concrete, your contractor will place gravel on top of existing dirt and pour new concrete. As a result, the cycle may begin again. The earth under the concrete may settle and the concrete will become uneven over time. If your concrete is not damaged to the point where it can be repaired or raised, the option to raise it should always be considered. Concrete lifting with our eco-friendly cost saving, time-saving, non-invasive concrete raising system, is an excellent alternative to replacing your concrete driveway, sidewalk, patio, pool deck, porch or garage floor.

I’m moving in 2 years. I just want my sunken concrete fixed cheaply so I can sell my house.

Great! Fixing your concrete using our poly jacking foam will add value and add a long term buying benefit to your house. Our guarantee is transferable. Your new homeowner wants to know that you took care of the issue using state of the art materials that will last and won’t need to be redone.

Can you repair my concrete in cold weather?

We can raise and repair concrete until the ground freezes. We also have to pay attention to the outdoor temperatures. The best strategy is to get a quote and we can either do it before winter sets in or first thing in the spring. You will also be guaranteed that year’s pricing!

Call the concrete raising guys at Concrete Raising Systems (816) 419-8306 today!  We would love to show you how state-of-the-art concrete repair foam can do lift your driveway or sidewalk.