Customer testimonials and reviews online are always an important part of helping new customers make a good decision about who they want to work with. We always appreciate when a customer will take a minute and let us video tape their feedback. As a small business in Kansas City, we always do our very best to complete the job on time, meeting and exceeding your expectations for the work. Thank you to these three folks for their business and their testimonial.


I am Lee and I had Concrete Raising Systems come out to my house today and sealed up this crack here that was a big one that I didn’t think possible it was going to be sealed up tight like that. And had some settling problems going on cracking the whole center of my house and they came in and raised up with the poly jacking and I now have doors that shut.


Concrete Raising Systems just completed the job they worked on a sidewalk going into our front porch as well as the parking lot. I was very pleased they were on time did what they said they were going to do and explained every step exactly what they were going to do so

I’m very appreciative and would recommend them definitely. Very worthwhile.


Hey, my name is Greg Ford. I called Concrete Raising Systems and got to Jason and Ken out here to raise my steps. They’ve been lowered ever since I owned the place about eleven years. And they got in here and worked at it. And I couldn’t be happier. It’s as level as level can be. And looks great. So I really appreciate it guys.