Winter is around the corner and if you are dreading the cold weather, you should also be concerned about your driveway. While freshly fallen snow may look pretty, the winter weather can take a huge toll on your driveway and the results will not look pretty. Luckily, we have 6 tips to prepare your driveway for winter. Driveway sunken at street before Concrete Raising Systems, Kansas City,MO 64158

  • Check for cracks in your driveway before the snow hits. It’s a good idea to look for cracks before the first snowfall. Be mentally prepared for what may come. Take a photo of your driveway and then compared it to what you see next Spring.
  • Seal those cracks. Any cracks you have in your driveway now will probably get worse. When snow and ice thaw, water runoff will leak through the cracks. If they freeze again before it dries, the water expands and creates larger cracks. We suggest you seal your driveway in the fall so you don’t need to worry about further damage.
  • Use calcium-based ice melts. The type of ice melt you use on your driveway makes a big difference. Calcium-based ice melts do little to no damage compared to some of the blends that are chemically based.
  • Keep your driveway clear and clean. Once the snow and ice do hit, make sure you clear the driveway as quickly as possible and try and keep it clean. As mentioned, certain ice melts have chemicals that can get into the cracks and do some serious damage. If you are able to clear your driveway of ice and snow and the subsequent chemicals, you are less likely to have damage to your driveway. Powerwash your driveway before winter. Sticks, leaves, and rocks can cause deterioration to your driveway once layers of ice and snow stack on top of them. In addition, oil and grit can also cause deterioration combined with the weather.
  • Clear your driveway with the proper tools. Snowblowers and shovels should be checked for wear and tear. Make sure you get your snowblower tuned up before the first snowfall. Chipped shovels can cause damage to your driveways, especially if they get caught in a crack.
  • Check for drainage issues. Make sure your driveway has proper drainage. If pools of water sit on your driveway, you could have some serious issues during the winter months.

Prepare your driveway before the snowfall

Make sure you contact Concrete Raising Systems of Kansas City. It does not hurt to get your driveway checked out before the first snowfall hits. We can take a look and repair your driveway by lifting the concrete slabs if they are uneven before the ground freezes. Call us at (816) 419-8306 or contact us.

This article was previously published in October 2015 and has been recently updated and republished.

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  1. David Hawkins says:

    I had no idea that cracks could get progressively worse over time. I live in a pretty cold area and it will freeze fairly regularly year-round. I’ll have to talk to a contractor and see of they can fix the cracks in my driveway before they get worse like you mentioned. Thanks for the great list of tips about maintaining your driveway!

  2. Tim Yaotome says:

    Thanks for the tip to fill in cracks as soon as possible in order to prevent water from adding more damage to a driveway. This reminded me of my plans of replacing my asphalt driveway with a concrete one. I thought that getting a new or repairing an existing one needs a supply of ready-mix concrete. With that, I will find a company that supplies that to ensure a sturdy, clean finish on it.

  3. Taylor Hicken says:

    I appreciated it when you shared that it is important to check for any cracks in your driveway before the snowfalls. My uncle just mentioned the other day that he is planning to improve the appearance of his outdoor area, especially the driveway. I will suggest to him hiring a reliable concrete lifting service to help with the damages on the area.

  4. Jesse Ford says:

    Thanks for the tips concerning driveway care. I’ll take your advice and be sure to get photos of the driveway now to compare in the spring. If new cracks show up, I’ll have a contractor make some repairs.

  5. Hailey Miller says:

    It helped when you said that it is important to seal cracks to avoid them expanding and creating larger cracks. This is helpful because my husband and I want to avoid further damages to our driveway. I guess we should look for contractors tomorrow morning who can provide crack sealing within three hours at an affordable rate.

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