Working with commercial clients and commercial buildings is a lot like working with residential clients and their homes. The process is the same, except the space and the scope of the sunken concrete can be larger.

Foam Jacking a Commercial Warehouse

A commercial warehouse can have flooring that is sinking. When you walk on the floor or drive a small forklift over it, you can hear the hollow sound under your feet or wheels. Address the void under the floor before it becomes worse. The signs for a  sinking commercial building or warehouse floor can be more difficult to see than a residential basement floor- visible gaps by a door or support post. The best indicator that there is a void under the concrete in a commercial building or warehouse will be the hollow sound when you walk or drive over it, much like a residential garage floor.

Concrete Lifting for Commercial / Building sidewalks

Sidewalks in front of a commercial building are the responsibility of the building owner. Uneven sidewalk slabs can pose a threat to the safety and well-being of employees and visitors. If an employee or visitor trips on an uneven sidewalk, as the building owner, you may be liable for any health issues that arise from the fall. Use professionals for commercial foam jacking in Kansas City. Use Concrete Raising Systems.

Uneven sidewalks- Apartment complex

The equipment that is used in foam jacking at an apartment complex is small enough to fit between buildings. Foam jacking takes less time, and the holes are smaller. Foam jacking won’t tear up the landscaping around the sidewalks. Your tenants will not be inconvenienced when management uses Concrete Raising Systems to repair the sunken concrete around the apartment complex. More than likely, the job will be completed before school is out and your tenants are back from work.

A commercial project or an apartment complex has the same issues around sinking concrete driveways, sidewalks, and basement floors- as residential homes do. As the owners and individuals who complete the work, care and professionalism are always taken in every situation where concrete repair work is being completed. The work will be done on time and within the quote that was given.

Concrete Raising Systems are experts in foam jacking sunken concrete. As previous home builders, they are keenly aware of building codes, structural integrity and how the systems that are used in the building work with one another for a sound structure. Contact Ken for a quote for your commercial concrete lifting project.

This article was originally published in October 2017 and has been recently updated.