Ken Praiswater and Jason Roland, the owners of Concrete Raising Systems in Kansas City, are the recipients of the Gold Level Contractor Award for their work in 2015. High standards of workmanship, customer service, and satisfaction that are the cornerstones of Concrete Raising Systems. These values drive the owners every day. They believe an award is a by-product of doing the right thing for the right job. Ken and Jason prefer to receive a compliment or a positive online review from a customer than an award from the company that supplies their foam.

Since the inception of their business, Ken and Jason are dedicated to doing one thing the very best: lifting concrete. Their background in home building and construction qualifies them as experts. They can expertly determine what can and cannot be raised and repaired with polyurethane foam or if the sunken concrete should be replaced. Customers appreciate and trust their recommendations. Award for Concrete Raising Systems, Kansas City, MO

Concrete Raising information you can trust

You won’t find any bait and switch with Concrete Raising Systems. Ken recently had a call from a Kansas City homeowner who had another “foam lifting company” quote a job for sunken concrete. The company said that the concrete could not be lifted with foam but had to be mud jacked. Upon further investigation, this “foam lifting company” did not have the capability to raise the concrete with foam. They didn’t have the equipment to do it. They only were capable of the traditional mud jacking technique. This is an example of why it is important to get three bids for any job.

Get your concrete raised before it snows

Concrete Raising Company can lift and repair concrete slabs with their foam raising system until the ground freezes. Cracks in concrete can cause more problems if sunken concrete isn’t addressed promptly. As the ground freezes and thaws in the winter, the cracks in concrete expand and get wider. Larger cracks make it possible for more water to run through them and under the concrete slab creating a larger and more expensive void to fill later.

Foam jacking in Kansas City should be done by experts. The owners at Concrete Raising Systems have the knowledge, experience, integrity and professionalism to determine if your concrete can be raised or should be replaced. Awards are good, but customer satisfaction and trust mean more to Ken and Jason.