No one likes to see cracks in a driveway they own. Worse is watching those cracks get larger and larger. Unless you are in the business of foam concrete repair, you may not be aware of the issues that can arise from ignoring these cracks over time. Save money and repair concrete cracks before the ground freezes.

Repair Concrete Cracks before Winter

Snow can be a problem for pavement cracks. Just because you can’t see the cracks doesn’t mean the problem is not there. As the ground freezes and thaws this back and forth in winter weather will cause your cracks to get wider and deeper. As water runs into the cracks it expands as it freezes, and the cracks may grow and get larger as well. Waiting a few years till the cracks are more noticeable will only mean more expense to you as the homeowner. Cracks and the ensuing void under the concrete are now larger which will require more foam to fill and lift. By waiting too long, the concrete could start to crack beyond a foam jacking company’s ability to raise the concrete slab, and it may have to be replaced and not fixed.

Replacing concrete is expensive

Replacing a slab of concrete in your driveway, sidewalk or porch will cost roughly 50% more than it will be to fix it in a timely fashion. There are times in life when waiting can pay big dividends. Waiting for an item you want to go on sale, waiting for the right job or person to come along, not settling for the first thing you see; these events may be worth the wait. Cracks in a driveway will not fix themselves and waiting is never the best course of action in this situation. Waiting can and more than likely will cost you more.

Trust the Concrete Repair Professionals at Concrete Raising Systems

Concrete repair with Polyurethane is all they do.  In fact, many of the concrete slabs they do raise were concrete slabs that traditional mud jacking failed to lift permanently. And it’s not that the traditional mud jackers are bad people or did a bad job, but the technology and features of polyurethane foam are better at lifting concrete and withstanding the nature of soil and weather and permanently lifting or repairing sunken concrete!

Snow, ice, and winter weather can damage your cars and your home. Don’t let winter take a bite out of your driveway too. Get an estimate to have your concrete repaired before the ground freezes. It’s no fun to watch the cracks in your driveway get bigger. It’s like watching more of your hard-earned money get sucked right along with it! Our advice: contact us now or call us later, but whatever you do, call us!

This article was originally published in November 2016 and has been updated to reflect current information. 

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  1. Alice Jones says:

    I just noticed a couple of damaged pieces in my concrete driveway. They’ve sunken to low and I didn’t know my repair options until I read your article. I think raising the cracked sunken pieces will help improve the quality of my driveway. I hope that I can find a service that will help my concrete driveway withstand the damage effects of weather.

  2. rachel frampton says:

    Comment *My driveways consist of cracks and holes in it, that’s why I’ve been planning to hire a concrete contractor that may fix this matter. I agree with you that as water runs into the cracks the damage will expand further that’s why it’s best to address it earlier. I know that you’re correct about me spending roughly 50% for it be fixed, but I am willing to spend if it means that my driveway will have its value back.

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