In some parts of the country (sorry Minnesota) , the air is beginning to warm; the flowers are starting the blooming cycle, and the grass in beginning to grow. You may have had your first ride on your lawn mower this past week-end. With spring inevitably our thoughts also turn to change, a new start, a fresh beginning, and a clean start. Spring cleaning is a great way to welcome the season. Making a checklist of what to do to get things done inside and outside the house to get ready for the warmer weather and sunshine is a ritual shared by people all over the U.S. A checklist is a handy way to get things done.  There is a feeling of accomplishment when you tape the checklist to the refrigerator and take it down to cross through items one by one as they are accomplished. Starting with the basics here is a checklist for you to use. There are many community Spring Clean Up days where you can take your small limbs, bagged leaves and grass, used batteries, scrap metal, tires and other miscellaneous debris to various drop off places around your community. Check with your local agencies for dates and times.

Cartoon of Spring CleaningClean your clothes closets

If you did not wear something in your closet the last two seasons, it may be time to donate it to your local shelter or your local public school clothes closet. Not only are you making room for things that you will purchase this season, but you have a tax credit for your actions. Make sure you get a receipt!

Check your HVAC

Changing your air filter every three months helps with the dust and allergens in your home. Spring can be a very bad time for allergy suffers. So along with changing your filters, you may want to consider cleaning your air ducts if you’ve never had it done.  Having an HVAC inspection before it gets too hot is also a good idea. There is nothing more uncomfortable than having your air conditioner fail in the middle of a heat wave! Go up to the attic and make sure that no critters have made a home in your insulation during the cold winter months!

Extreme Cleaning

Take a week-end and really clean! Take the time to dust the areas or things in your home that rarely get dusted or organize the closet that is the catch all for everything that doesn’t have a place to call home. Dust the foyer light fixture or the top of the book shelves and behind the TV sets. Cleaning the baseboards or applying a little touch up paint to doors and walls that were bumped and scratched by big winter coats. Before you break out the paint brush, try Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It is a very handy cleaning tool for removing a lot of scratches on walls and molding, dirt on hand railings and around door knobs. If you haven’t had your carpet or tile cleaned, spring is a good time for this kind of a cleaning project at home (and don’t forget about cleaning your office carpet or tile as well!)

Outdoors in the Spring

Heavy snow and wind means branches and debris from the trees around your home need to be picked up. There are heavy, duty lawn mowers that can manage a small twig or two, make sure that larger branches get picked up before you mow your lawn. Inspect the outside of your home.  Check to make sure the paint is not chipping. Ensure that your outdoor security lighting is working properly and that the circuit has not been damaged. Check your driveway, sidewalk and steps. Make sure that the concrete has not sunken.  Bring your patio furniture out of winter storage.

When your check list in complete, reward yourself by making dinner and eating outdoors to celebrate Spring and the fresh air!

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  1. Judy Murray says:

    I love this time of year. I like Spring and the newness of everything. Would you believe I even like Spring Cleaning! This was a very good post and it covers items I would not have thought to put on my list, which is long enough! I have not used the Mr. Clean erasers but I’ve seen them in the store and will but one next time.

  2. Chad Pfeffer says:

    Good post. My wife does a lot of the indoor Spring Cleaning and I am in charge of the outdoor. You missed mentioning cleaning the garage. Our garage tracks in leaves and dirt from the snow on the cars. When the weather gets warmer, the first thing I do is clean the garage.

  3. Robin Kahn says:

    There was one item you mentioned that I never really think about:: Cleaning out doors. My idea of spring cleaning outdoors is to get my patio furniture out of storage, That always feel like spring to me!

  4. Roger Mose says:

    Obviously, I like the tip about checking your HVAC system. If you have a service agreement, like our customers do, we contact you and you don’t even have to put it on a list!

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