Last October, we gave you six tips to prepare four driveway for the winter. While we didn’t know then when the first big winter storm was coming, once it did, it was still important to take care of your driveway to prevent damage.

Here are some things you can do to help minimize damage to and increase the longevity of your driveway.

  • Shoveling Snow – This may seem like a no-brainer but clearing the snow and ice off your driveway as quickly as possible is ideal. Leaving snow on your driveway for days can cause damage as it melts. Water leaking into cracks and freezing will damage your driveway as the ice expands. You don’t need to clear off your snow every five minutes during a snow storm but getting it cleared off in a timely manner is important.
  • Plowing Service Can Do More Damage than Good – We understand you may be too busy to clear your driveway after a long snowstorm or you may be physically unable to do so. Plowing services can be a huge help during the winter but you should also consider the damage a powerful truck can cause. If your driveway is uneven, a snowplow can cause significant damage. Especially with several inches of snow on the ground, a snowplow uses a lot of force to clear snow. That force can dig into your driveway, which could leverage pieces of it to be unearthed. That is why getting your driveway prepared for winter is very important. If you notice pieces of your driveway are being damaged following a plow, you may want to reconsider your plowing service. You might want to shift to clearing the snow manually yourself or hiring a kid in your neighborhood to do it. You might also discuss with your plower to have the blade be lifted higher off the ground to prevent damage.Take care of your driveway this winter
  • Salt on Cement Driveways May Cause Damage – Salt can lead to cracks in cement and cause other damage, specifically in the first year of it being down. If you do use salt on your cement driveway, you may want to consider power washing your driveway consistently during the winter to clear off the salt (of course, power washing it during freezing weather would be counterproductive).
  • Avoid Parking Equipment On Driveway in Winter – Heavy vehicles, equipment, boats, etc. cause unnecessary weight on your driveway. Snow and ice are already heavy. Adding other vehicles on top of that weight can provide further pressure, which can cause your driveway to be uneven.
  • Use Proper Tools – Using the proper tools to clear your driveway is also very important. Using a broken shovel can cause damage to your driveway, as well as damage to yourself. Look for chips in the blade of your shovel. Even the smallest chips can dig into your concrete or asphalt. Additionally, use a shovel that has an appropriate length for your height. This will give you the proper amount of leverage to clear your driveway.

Make sure you contact Concrete Raising Systems of Kansas City if you have any questions about the state of your driveway this winter. It does not hurt to get your driveway checked out before the first big snowfall hits. We can take a look and repair your driveway by raising it if the concrete slabs are uneven before the ground freezes. If you notice any damage during the winter, feel free to reach out to us that day to see if it could be a reoccurring problem. We can even schedule service for the spring to ensure your driveway gets repaired as soon as possible. Call us at (816) 419-8306.

This article was originally posted in November 2015 and has been updated.

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