“Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.” — Mark Twain

It is Spring and people are looking around their homes and discovering that it is time to get their concrete fixed before it is too late. When it’s too late, they now have to have the concrete replaced instead of repaired. And we all know that replacing your concrete is a lot more expensive than foam lifting it will be. These past few months, Concrete Raising Systems attended a few  trade shows and were pleased at the interest in, not only our product, but our service and the way we do business.

The folks we meet at events like The Kansas City Lawn and Garden Show, get to know what we do and the way we do it . We are invited to bid a job. They know that when they hire us  to raise their concrete we are the ones that do the work. We own the company and we do the work!

We know more than Mud jackingKnow for sure that your concrete CAN be fixed, call the experts at Concrete Raising Systems 7318 N Donnelly Ave. Kansas City,MO 64158 Before-After-Foam-Lifting-Concrete-Raising-Systems-7318-N-Donnelly-Ave-Kansas-City-MO-64158-(2)

It is pretty surprising to us, how many mud jacking companies out there really don’t seem to know exactly what they are doing. In some ways, you can’t blame them. They know “how to mudjack” but they may not always know that mudjacking will not solve the problem. Our background in home building makes us experts on your entire home, not just lifting your concrete with our Polyurethane Foam. There are some jobs that no amount of cement and water or high tech foam will be able to fix. We happen to know which ones they are when we evaluate them.

Just this past week a homeowner brought us out to get her third bid for a project. The first two were from typical mud jacking companies and we were the last bid. When we investigated the problem we determined that the situation could not be fixed with mud or foam jacking. The homeowner was surprised. They had gotten 2 other bids for the job. Why had they not been told?

Foam Lifting: to Raise or not to Raise

Most people are in business to produce. The problem is not all companies know what we know and not all companies are as honest as we are. They are in business to make money. Don’t get us wrong, we are not in business to go broke, but the business we do comes from being experts at building and evaluating the systems in and around your home and knowing when we can do a job and when the situation needs a different solution. And that solution may not be foam lifting your concrete.

The homeowners we come across more than appreciate the way we do business. Not only that, they refer other business to us. For us, sometimes not doing business ends up being the best business!

When you need a quote to lift or repair your concrete, give us a call at (816) 419-8306. The majority of concrete repair can probably be fixed with our polyurethane foam mud jacking, and we’ll for surely let you know if it can’t!